18 year old Stephie here is a REAL sweetheart if I ever saw one. She’s a frisky lil’ monkey with a nice hardbody, pretty green eyes and a devilish little grin. Stephie strips off her clothing to reveal a nice set of perkies that get rock hard with just a little attention from yours truly. She also has a set of plump, moist pussy lips that are shaven for her debut here at Exploitedteens. So after playing with the aforementioned plump pussy lips for a while, it’s time to get a little “knob polish” on my third leg if you know what I mean (Heh-Heh!). Even though Stephie is rather tiny, she still ha s a very accommodating mouth that makes short work of my trouser snake. This of course gets me ready to go and a minute later I’m starting to pound that college pussy for all it’s worth. I give Stephie a proper “rogering” for several minutes, even turning off the camera for a while so that I can fuck her using both hands. And not long after, it’s time to feed Stephie the little “snack” that’s ...More @ Exploitedteens.com

You’re probably looking at 18 year old Angele here and thinking that there is absolutely no way that this girl is of age. Of course I can’t blame you as if I hadn’t checked and double-checked this girls’ ID’s I would not have believed her of legal age either. That being said, let me assure that she is 18 years old… but only by a few days mind you. Angele is obviously brand new to this sort of thing but is making her very “nervous” debut here at Exploitedteens (Woo-Hoo!). Not only does Angele look like an absolute babyface but she has braces… repeat, THE GIRL HAS BRACES! So after putting this barely legal vixen through the normal paces (touching, squeezing, pinching and rubbing) I also have her playing with a lollipop that also gets used on her snatch and then put back in her mouth. I get so damn hot from all of this (not to mention getting head from a girl with braces) that I just can’t resist plunging my pulsating throttle into her tender wet box ...More @ Exploitedteens.com

IThis petite blonde-haired cutie is named Tanya. She's sooooo innocent looking that you'd never believe someone like her would be making an amateur adult video. But yes, that's the beauty of what I strive for here each week at Exploitedteens. Sometimes certain girls only appeal to certain tastes, but 18 year old naive blondes are just about everyone's taste. So I hope everyone likes this week's girl, she came in with a smile... and left with a faceful. Ha! :)...More @ Exploitedteens.com

The VERY cute and slim 19 year old Hailey is featured in this week’s Exploitedteens episode. Hailey is like 5’ 6”, weighs just 98 pounds and wears a size ZERO clothes (talk about petite… YIKES!). Anyway, Hailey let’s me do lots of fun stuff to her… like gag her a bit with my cock and fuck her moist lil’ slit in several different positions… YES! Hailey then becomes the recipient of a rather messy facial at the end of the video, but not before I have her smile and blow us a nice little kiss. We love you too Hailey… Heh-Heh! :)
...More @ Exploitedteens.com

This week's Exploitedteens episode shows off the assets of brand new first timer Jayleine. This college sweetie is built like a runway model, standing 5' 9" yet only weighing 112 lbs. But despite the stick figure thin physique, Jayleine has got a terrific heart shaped ass (Oh Yeah!). Another thing this lil' heartbreaker has got is a bright pink set of lower lips that get soaked (and stay that way) with just a little TLC... Heh-Heh! So check out this week's episode to see Jayleine's mouth and pussy getting stuffed, not to mention her getting a mouthful of "love"...More @ Exploitedteens.com

This week’s new ET episode features the beautiful 19 year old Kimmie. This lil’ college hardbody is just sooooo fucking cute that I could hardly wait to get my hands all over her (and inside her as well… Heh-Heh!). Kimmie has a really fun attitude to match that killer body and that makes for a pretty sweet video if I say so myself. Kimmie’s got a nicely trimmed “socket” that gets wet with just a little attention. And speaking of attention, I make sure to give Kimmie’s mouth quite a bit of that. This lil’ coed gets me really hard… to the point where I can hardly wait to bury my thick engorged member deep into those velvety set of “lower lips”. I then proceed to give Kimmie a nice little pounding that follows with a healthy-sized load at the end...More @ Exploitedteens.com

How often are the updates?

We’ve been at this since 2001 and believe us… if we didn’t make regular updates of brand new material to the site, we wouldn’t still be in business. We realize that there are plenty of other sites out there that our customers can join, so we do our best to keep them happy with their membership by updating our site each and every week. While some sites claim that they make updates everyday, more often than not it’s usually just a new 60 to 90 second video clip or a few screen shots of a single girl… but not us. We upload an entire 30 minute video episode featuring a BRAND NEW college girl each and every Friday without fail. No gimmicks here… just fresh faced college girls on your computer every Friday week after week, year after year.

Are these girls really first timers?

For about 90% of the girls, the answer is yes. The majority of the girls we feature here at Exploitedteens are true first timers. Most of these girls make only one movie and then return to their normal lives as students or 9 to 5’ers. We spend an enormous amount of time searching for our girls at the local campuses, malls and even on the internet. Occasionally the girls will have such a great first experience working with us that they will seek out other web sites and companies to work for. This is why some of the girl’s may appear on other web sites and even DVD’s after they’ve made their debut here at Exploitedteens. But we sometimes hear back from these girls that they had the most fun working with us.

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