This week's Exploitedteens episode features the dark-haired (and a little mysterious-looking) 18 year old Rion. Yes, that's a very odd name... but I didn't name her (Heh- Heh!). So Rion is brand new to this, having never done an adult video before... infact I just met her about an hour before this (Yikes!). Rion is pretty tall at 5' 7" with a great body, big n' natural 34C jugs and a smoothly shaven fuckslot. That tight college slit doesn't need any lube as her nervous "first timer" excitement is more than enough to get that pussy lubed n' ready. I get a nice and easy BJ from Rion as she really takes her time and gives it a little TLC. After getting that nice blowjob (and giving Rion a little facefucking), I get down to hittin' the skins with Rion. I bang her in three positions: on her back, doggie style and the piledriver. But when it comes time to "blast off", I use Rion's cute lil' college face as a target and deliver a hot shower of jizz as we close out another weekly ET episode. And as always... thanks for watching! :)



Know I can just imagine what you might be thinking after seeing the picture of this week’s girl. You’re probably thinking “Mike… you’ve really lost it this time. Look at that girl! There’s no way she’s of age”. But I can swear to you all, that without a doubt this girl is of FULL LEGAL AGE to make this video. Boy, I couldn’t have stressed that enough huh? That being said, this week’s Exploitedteens episode features the unbelievably naïve-looking 18 year old Leah. With her sweet lil’ pigtails hairstyle, braces and heart-shaped pubic hair… she’s almost too cute for words. Leah gets naked and lets me play with that dripping pussy for a while, but the whole time I’ll admit that really only thinking about getting a blowjob from a girl with braces. And speaking of those braces, just wait until you see what happens to them. I have Leah lick my balls while I proceed to jack-off onto her braces while she’s smiling back at the camera for all to see… YES! And double YES! :)


Check out this week’s Exploitedteens girl… is she a cutie or what! 18 year old Tiffany here is as brand new as new can be, I mean she’s never even had a picture taken of herself naked much less given any thought to something like this (Yikes!). Tiffany is a tall girl standing at 5’ 10” tall and weighing about 135lbs. She’s got a set of natural 36B perkies on top and a shaved pussy too. Before we start shooting the video I sometimes ask the girls if there is anything that they particularly enjoy (and if there’s anything that they don’t). So Tiffany here tells me that she REALLY likes a finger (make that several) inside her. I start out with one of course and slowly start building up until I have FOUR fingers inside this 18 year old nubile coed’s snatch… YES! I almost couldn’t believe how excited this made her, as she basically didn’t want the pleasure to end. But being that as it may, there was plenty more that we needed to get to… and we sure did! I get a really soft and wet BJ from this lil’ sweetheart followed by several minutes of reaming with my rock hard love bone. I even throw Tiffany into a pile driver position and start drilling that pink hole like a Texas oilman (Heh-Heh!). Soon after, Tiffany gives my ballsack and asshole a nice wash before it’s time to unleash a nice creamy mouthful of baby batter into Tiffany’s willing mouth!


This week's Exploitedteens adventure features the VERY hot-n-sey first time college girl Lillian. In my opinion the name Lillian kinda sounds like the name for an old lady, but trust me... there is nothing old lady about this girl in looks or attitude (Heh-Heh!). So Lillian here is 5' 5" tall with some ENORMOUS DD cup funbags on her chest that I can hardly keep my hands or mouth away from! She's also got a fat set of meaty cunt lips that I give a good pinching and pulling on before I slip a couple of fingers inside that coed snatch. Lillian even shows us how she can put both legs behind her head while getting groped by yours truly (Nice!). From there I have Lillian work on my pole for a few minutes with that sexy lil' mouth and bedroom eyes. I give this honey a good boning for a few minutes before I can't hold on any longer and pull out of her pussy and release a stream of jism all over her face and mouth. So thanks again for cumming Lillian... no, thank you for coming! :)


This week’s Exploitedteens episode features the lovely Sara. Now while Sara only stands at about 5’ 5” tall, she’s got some nice 34C all-natural “sweater meat”. This dark-haired babe gets her luscious breasts sucked on and rubbed well with baby oil. She also bears her “bare” college girl pussy for the very first time ever on camera and shows us just how wet she can get. And speaking of that… this girl has got one of the juiciest pussies I have seen in a long time. Although I’m rubbing oil on the thing… it doesn’t even need it! Her pussy is making sooooo much natural juice that it kinda shocked me, for real! I just only hope that the camera lens picked up just how juicy this coed fucktart gets when she cums from finger-banging her own hole. So after a good rubbing here and there… it’s time for my favorite part: the blowjob (Ta-Da!). And in this area, Sara REALLY excels. She gave me such a nice slippery blowjob, that you can almost feel the love on her tongue. Next we go into the “facefucking” position as I like to call it and from there I can hardly resist taking my cock out of her mouth and running up inside that tender nubile snatch… so that’s just what happens. Sara gets a pretty decent fucking, but I can only hold out for a few minutes before my cork is ready to burst (Heh-Heh!). And burst it does, right inside her gaping mouth and all over her tongue. But Sara takes it all in stride… my kinda girl! :)


Now I know you guys are going to think that I’m trying to bullshit you, but here goes. This week’s Exploitedteens girl turned 18 the day before I shot this video. I’ll repeat that:THE GIRL TURNED 18 THE DAY BEFORE I SHOT THIS VIDEO! Now if that isn’t what you’d call “barely legal”, then I really don’t know what is! But not only is the girl just 18 by a day … she’s cute as hell too. 18 year old Cindy has a pretty face, nice body, great tits, stylish hair and even a nice white smile to boot! Cindy is obviously new to all of this, but she does a great job of really letting everyone see that she’s truly a sweet girl-next-door… with a sweet pussy and tight asshole too (Heh-Heh!). And speaking of pussy, I get a couple of fingers in there and really get to know Cindy “from the inside out”. This girl gets me sooooo hot with the little BJ that she gives me that I convince her to let me snake her lil’ pink pussyhole with my rigid anaconda. I even have this recent high-school grad hop off after riding my throbbing member and clean it of all her cunt juices. Not only that, but this nubile coed takes a HUGE surprise faceful of my steaming choad and lives to tell about it. So enjoy folks… and as always, thanks for watching :)


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